As I continue to reflect on last nights events, I am amazed at the people that were there, the kindness of strangers, the friendships that were solidified, and the fun and joy that we had. It is still hard to imagine the number of people that attended, and how many people that are praying for Frank’s recovery.

We have had a pretty quiet day, with the true levels of head injury showing itself in fatigue. It is not just the long day, but the tremendous demands of concentrating on many different conversations, remembering names, and trying to listen through loud noise that can bring someone with a brain injury to exhaustion. Our goal was to make it through the night without to much fatigue, which he did. He even had enough energy on the way home to sing along with the radio.

Today has been quiet, with long naps and resting on the couch. Extended conversation is exhausting and it was a blessing to have some time to regroup before a new week of therapy starts.

Tomorrow is another day – kids back at school, therapy, work at home, grocery shopping and computer work are all on the agenda. Just another day in Mackall paradise, made possible by the prayers from our extended family.

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