Note: This is an entry dated April 30, 2012 by Lisabeth Mackall, author of 27 Miles: Tank’s Journey Home.

I am sitting watching Frank warming up with the boys for soccer practice. This is part of Tank’s journey home.

He is laughing, falling to the ground, chasing balls and shooting goals.

Who knew we could be here almost four months ago when I was wondering if we would ever be able to wean Frank off of the vent. We were wondering if he would ever walk or talk again. The sun is setting, Frank is tired, but the play goes on. I am thankful for this moment.

Note: This blog is a blog entry by Lisabeth Mackall. She is the author of two inspiring novels- Dying to Live Your Life and 27 Miles: Tank’s Journey Home. This blog is just one of the many entries that chronicles Lisabeth’s trials and triumphs in life.

Dying to Live Your Life is about her battle and survival over breast cancer and its painful treatment.

The book was published in January 2016. Mackall  wrote 27 Miles: Tank’s Journey Home few years ahead of the first book. In 2013, Lisabeth’s husband Frank met a tragic accident that left him with a brain injury. The book details the trauma, emotions as well as the support that the family experienced following Frank’s accident.

Here in this masterpieces, we see Lisabeth’s strength, resilience and love for the family before and during the events of her own breast cancer.

Lisabeth is a cancer survivor, a wife, and a mother trying to raised her family despite the difficulties that life has thrown and is throwing at her. These blog entries are not only transcripts, they also serve as inspirations. Today, Lisabeth Mackall continues to inspire others by hosting and organizing talks, symposiums, and therapy sessions. She works with different organizations, individuals, the law enforcement community and various organizations in order to make each activity a success. You can check Lisabeth Mackall’s latest blog entries, news updates, future and ongoing events by visiting her website.

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