An oddly normal day filled with dropping kids off at school, heading off to school, making bracket purchases at Menards, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the car and filling up the trailer.  Although the body is strong enough to complete the tasks, the mind struggles to solve the problems that come up.  Why doesn’t the lawn mower start?  How do we get the trailer hitch fixed?  What is the best way to organize this stuff?

Frank wants to just do things, just return to normal.  His favorite word is “JUNE.”  By saying June, he is meaning that he wants to be back by June.  Back with his team, back with the people that he trusts to have his back, back to the department that continues to support him each and every day.

I believe in miracles every day – I would want that for him more than anything else.  Goals are good, goals are what keeps you focused.  I just hope that goals set high and not yet met will not cause disappointment.  Fatigue easily sets in and takes him away.  The body is willing, the drive is hard, but the mind needs time.  Precious time – to heal – to come back – to rebuild itself.

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