Sitting at therapy today thinking about Frank and how far he has come.

His ankle is bothering him today. Apparently it was bothering him yesterday but he never tells me anything.  Frank still ran on the treadmill this morning. In fact, he is running stairs at the moment. He just wants to have this part of his life back to “normal”.  Normally, he was such a fast sprinter, and I know it bothers him that his gait is so choppy.  I think he will miss playing softball this summer. Maybe next year……

Two posts in an hour, but it is important for me to acknowledge the gifts I received yesterday. I asked for some strength, some help yesterday. Somehow, I was feeling myself struggle. I needed a touch of belief pumped back into me, a sign that I was being heard in my prayers.

As always, I was given my signs in multiple, just in case I was not paying attention. In quick succession I had a phone call from the wife of another officer that was injured in the line of duty. Her comment to me was “my angel tapped me on the shoulder and told me to call you this morning.” I received several great emails and posts, and then ran into a smiling face at the gym.

All of these signs brought home to me the loving support that surrounds us, and an awareness that we are monitored closely by the love of God and our friends.

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