An Easter day that went by quickly for us – not necessarily going the way I wished, but the kids are ending the day playing together, and not fighting at the moment.  Early day starting at 6:40 with baskets and a front yard egg hunt, which the boys loved.  With a short night of sleep due to the late night soccer game, kids are tired, which leads to crabbiness.  Frank struggles with our youngests behavior, which can be challenging, and there was a lot of struggling today for compliance.  We are again faced with situations of changing parental roles, power struggles and uncertainty, which leads to yelling.  Everyone is tired, and it will be an early night for everyone tonight.

Frank continues to enjoy the things that come with being home.  We got to go to the gym again today, and he is still surprised at how tiring it can be after just a short time.  I explained that being in bed for almost 6 weeks before getting up and moving around causes the body to lose a tremendous amount of strength.  It will take time, and he is not patient – unlike his very patient wife (ha!)

Tomorrow starts our very busy therapy schedule at Bethesda.  I am unsure if this is going to be better or worse than driving to North every day.  At least at North we knew everyone, and we could go to his room if needed.  Instead, now we will be waiting rooms as he continues his work.  We were so spoiled at North – what a great group of people; I look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks.

I pray everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with their families.

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