Dying, to Live Your Life

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Death happens. When facing death, why do we regret everything that we did not do? Why not do it all, and live your BEST life, in this moment. Join me on a journey of living life now, in every day moments, instead of waiting for the end. Today’s moments are only the beginning.


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27 Miles: The Tank’s Journey Home

On January 2, 2012, Officer Frank Mackall was responding to a call for assistance from one of his partners. On the way to that call, Officer Mackall hit a patch of black ice, and crashed his squad car into a tree. After being airlifted to the hospital, his family was notified of his accident.

The story of Officer Mackall’s 84 days at the hospital, and the emotional trials that his family endured, are documented in this journal based story. Each day is a walk through his wife’s emotions and fears, and the journey through Officer Mackall’s recover process. The family support from the law enforcement community, and the ongoing support from his Caring Bridge website, gave the Mackall family the strength to move forward each day, and to eventually, bring Officer Mackall home.

Dying To Live Your Life was born from the fear of death. From not living life to the fullest when there was time, and then facing a moment when time may have run out. Every day we can be present, we can find joy, love and happiness, even when life may be scary and uncertain. Take the time to be part of your life, because each day is a gift

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I choose to connect with people, products and ideas that help me to live out loud. Each one has touched my life for the better, and helped me to focus on living with purpose.

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