A step forward and a step back

Happy day when you bring forward something that you have been working on for a long time - 27 Miles: The Tank's Journey Home is now available for download on Kindle through Amazon.  I am very excited to have this story out and available to more people; this was a goal that I have finally met.

My step back today is understanding that people are not always engaged, or interested, in what I have to say.  It is funny, because a few months ago I would have said that it didn't matter what others thought, I am doing what I knew I was meant to do, and I did it.

And now, when I get negative feedback, it hurts - a lot.

I am un-centered right now; unsure of my place, and what my goal should be right now.  When I have been here in the past, I just sit still and wait.  It always comes to me.

So tomorrow, while Frank is in a place of greatness - with his peers - I will be working on finding my center.  And maybe not worrying so much about what people think, and just doing what I am asked to do, speak where I am asked to speak, and go where I am led.

No sense in worrying or trying to control other people.  People will do what they will do.

I need to be just who I am meant to be.

25 thoughts on “A step forward and a step back

  1. Bryan Peterson

    In His time all things come. Always a frustration for me to deal with but, it is true and honest. Continue to pray for you and Frank and the family. Sometimes I just breathe and count my breaths. It's very distracting for a low IQ like me and I will forget my troubles for a while... worth a shot!


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