A Month of Change

2010fall03November for us will be a month of extreme change – change as the weather shifts to colder temperatures, change as I go back to work full-time, change as we head into the holidays, and change as we walk through the final weeks of testing and decisions regarding Frank return to work with the Savage PD.  We are ready – individually and as a family – to have some closure to this point of our lives and to move on to the next phase.

Living in limbo is the life for many people that survive daily in a recovery or injury cycle.  There are constant appointments, medications, therapies, or in many cases, just trying to live with what has happened, and finding a way to make it through each day.

The cycle for us is 2.9 years, and when we talk with others, we find people at the beginning of their brain injury path, and others living life at 20 years post.  Each has a story, fears and triumphs, and we are lucky to get to be able to share our hope, stories of sadness, ups and downs with so many of you.

We know this month will be difficult – change is always hard, especially when there are so many unknown components to the decisions.  We can just pray for the best, and know that we will be led where we are supposed to go.  I still believe with all my heart that we are guided on our path, even if we don’t know why we were chosen for this life.

For those at the beginning, the moments can be hard to face.  Remember to breathe and that you will sometimes need to measure time passing in minutes instead of hours.

For those many years out from their injury we are astounded by your strength and determination, even when you have a bad day, because truly, we all have bad days (weeks, months.)

For those living in the middle, where we are, we are all here together, trying to get through to the next moment of clarity and expectation.  Today will be a day of revelation, just like yesterday, and although scary sometimes, it will bring with it ups and downs, and my goal will be to remember the ups, and let the downs slide away.

Una Stamus everyone

4 thoughts on “A Month of Change

  1. As usual, I like your post. Although I like your post as is, I would like to add a comment if I may. At one point in your post, you state "We can just pray for the best, and know that we will be led where we are supposed to go." My personal belief is the statement is only part of the three part solution.

    1. We must prepare ourselves by remaining positive, hopeful, enthusiastic, and good to others.

    2. We must condition ourselves to recognize, or be open to the path, when it appears.

    3. And, we must ask for guidance (prayer) to find a better path.

    The new path is not necessarily the final path, so the three-part solution is necessary repeatedly. Sometimes a path has many branches.

    1. LisabethMackall

      Post author

      Scott- As usual you have great comments and thoughts. I agree completely and know that we will be led where to go, but we have to choose to follow with faithfulness and joy. Thank you for your comments, they are always appreciated.

  2. Christian Dobratz


    Thanks for another great post. Your words are always inspirational, despite what we know you have going on in your life. You are correct in that we must choose to follow the paths offered to us and we must choose the attitude with which we do so...overtime, I have found that it is not always an easy choice and at times I feel like I don't have control over the attitude or mindset with which I choose to do things.

    Chronic pain, PTSD and depression are extremely powerful mentally and emotionally. What I have learned though is that the way we treat each other often times can help someone in their decision. When we choose in life to treat others opposite of the way we would like to be treated, we don't realize the effect it can have on another person's mood or emotional state. How often have we all caught others staring or whispering about us when they know not one ounce of what each other has been through? Sadly, our society thrives on gossip and all too often passes judgement on others without knowledge or wisdom.

    You are a person I admire greatly; you are continually reaching out to people without judgement, and trying to somehow make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how big or small! I can't imagine how different our world would be if everyone started treating each other with respect and kindness, regardless of race, sexual orientation, faith beliefs, disabilities, or socioeconomic status. I always look forward to your posts Lisabeth; they are heartfelt, inspiring and meaningful! You are making a difference...


    1. LisabethMackall

      Post author

      Christian - Thank you for your kind words. Your feedback to me touches my heart and I appreciate each and every word. I work hard to not judge anyone as we don't know who they are underneath, but even I have moments of struggle. It is part of being human. Thank you again for reaching out. Lisabeth


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