Living Your Life After – Life Coaching Workshop

How do you go on after life seems to have stopped?  Do you ever wonder how people move on, living their life after what seems like an impossible situation, yet you feel as if the world has stopped turning for you?

When people ask you if they can help, do you struggle to come up with an answer, so your answer becomes "I am just fine?"

Did you ever think that if you could just find someone that understood, that has been there, that you could begin to piece your life back together?

I am one of those people.  I am a life coach ready to help you take those first few steps.

I have been there - I understand how it feels to try to rejoin the world after living through a trauma or a difficult life event.

Join me at my conference to learn the steps that YOU need to begin walking forward again.

Your life path may have changed; it just means you are now moving in a different direction than you were before.  It doesn't mean that it is worse, it is just different.

Learn how to:

  • Listen to Your Heart
  • Understand Where you are right now
  • Embrace where you want to go
  • Take the first few steps on your new life path

Working with a life coaching is a way to move forward, to regroup, and to take control of your life again.  Register now for the 3 hour life coaching workshop - and find yourself.  Contact me today, and let's take those first few steps forward - TOGETHER!

I look forward to finding YOUR path with you.  Lisabeth





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