Listening to others

Right in this moment I am in the breather before the storm – I just reviewed the week with kids trying to ensure that we all know what is happening this week, and the whirlwind that four kids, two graduations, baseball, soccer and boxing create is amazing.  Add to that volunteer work, clients, board meetings and holiday celebrations – well, it is certainly not boring.

Today being Mother’s Day did not change much for me – the schedule started at 5:45 am for Ryan to volunteer at the breast cancer walk, and ended with me sitting here at the computer, writing again.

Writing is something that I miss.

Don’t get me wrong, I still write all the time for other people, but it is the writing that I truly care about that I miss.

This past week I was lucky enough to get to spend some time out with a friend that I admire and cherish.  It was during this conversation that we were discussing the crazy that is my life, and it is when she pointed out how being this busy has made my writing suffer.

My one true window of peace and relaxation has been short-changed with life.  I knew it, but when it is said out loud by someone that you trust, it really makes an impact.

Understanding where my priorities lie and what I need to do to make those happen are both important things to have at the top of the list in life.  Although I am conscious of them, I seem to be allowing the chaos of each day to suck away the thing that I connect with the most.

As a life coach, it is easy to look from the outside and to understand where goals and priorities may be hindered by outside influences.  It takes trusted others to help walk you through the barriers that we put up that block the paths to things that we want to accomplish.

I am a huge believer that if when you pay attention to the messages around you, you will hear the changes that need to be made in life.

I am listening to the message, but I am struggling a bit right now in the execution of things.

We all get to struggle some times; I know that it is okay, and this too shall pass.

I pray for all of those out there that struggle on this Mother’s Day – although a day of celebration for many, it is a sad and painful day for others.  At any level of parenthood, life can be challenging; the new mother fighting for a few scraps of sleep; the parent of a teenager that can’t seem to turn in a homework assignment or the mother grieving from the loss of a child.

Remember that we all have our own way to celebrate, remember or grieve for those children.  Although bound by the unity of parenthood, each parent pathway is unique.

Honor each Mother today as they do what is best for their time and their love.

3 thoughts on “Listening to others

  1. Gail Heinemann

    Years ago I read a booklet titled the Tyranny of the Urgent whose premise was that the urgent is always screaming in our face while the truly important is not as noisy/showy and very easily never gets done. Trying to keep focused on the best/important requires tremendous awareness and discipline. Hang in there!

  2. Lisabeth, I just heard a speaker talk about how important it is to put ourselves first, literally, in the day. Scheduling time to write as soon as you wake up ensures it gets done. Sending warm thoughts to you as you make your way through life.

  3. Kathy LaValle

    You have given hope and understanding to so many people, I am sure that sometimes that you have forgotten that with the busy life that you have currently. Always remember that you do what you can at the time and that is all that Frank and the kids want you to do. I wont say take care of yourself because we as caregivers do take care of ourselves but it is in our own special way. Hugs Kathy


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