June 14th, 2012

Many of you are supporters and family of law enforcement.  I have been introduced to so many great organizations during our journey in and out of the hospital.

Many of you may not know that two years before Frank was injured, another LEO wife and I started a group called MNLECS - MN Law Enforcement Companion Support.  The sole purpose of this group was to connect spouses with other spouses to discuss the lifestyle of living with an officer.  Our lives are so different from "normal" households, and often our friends don't understand the shift rotation, court, every changing schedules and variable holiday attendance.

Our goal was to connect LEO's with other LEO's so that there was another person that truly understood this life, and give them someone to go to in times of great need.

Little did we know that it would be one of us that would need that support.

MNLECS is still here today, and we are back in full swing with our support meetings.  The date and time are kept private until we verify  an individuals connection to law enforcement for the safety of this group.

Our next meeting is in a few short weeks - if you are a spouse, companion or relation to law enforcement of any type, we encourage you to attend.  These meetings are completely informal, fun and a great way to meet people also living the life of law enforcement.

Go to www.MNLECS.com to view the website, and email us atMNLECS@gmail.com for meeting information.

Another great organization is Wives Behind the Badge.  There is a new MN auxiliary of this organization as well.  Check it out on FACEBOOK!

Thank you again for all of your support.  It has been a long week of vacation out of state - once my brain resets, I will post an update on Frank's progress.  Tonight, I am just too tired.

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