Crossing that bridge

It is important to remember where you started so that you understand how far you have come.

I try to remember this when I get locked into worrying about the things that I feel that I cannot control – working, money, recovery of Frank and worry about my kids.  It seems as things get a bit busier, I worry about things that are going on around us.  I am grateful that Frank is getting to spend lots of time volunteering with the St. Paul Police department, and I know that he enjoys doing something that is meaningful.  It has been life changing to have Frank back into a routine that is important and he is among his peers where he can work alongside teams that bring him back to his prior purpose in life.

I am still trying to point myself in the correct direction – there are so many choices that sometimes I feel like I am drifting among the choices without any real purpose.  I want to do be useful and purposeful – life has changed too much for me not to pay attention to doing something that helps others.

Have you ever felt like you were floating along and not finding a path?  There are days that I still feel this pull, even when I am busy beyond function.  I think that we are all looking for purpose, and sometimes we are allowed to drift.

I am spending a bit of time drifting.

I know you want an update on Frank and his cardiology visit.  Although we do not have a reason for some of the things that have been going on, the cardiologist has no concerns over the results that we were worried about.  I am happy for that news, but I know that we are still chasing an understanding of why the symptoms that we are seeing are present.  We will continue to follow the path of doctors, but it was great news that nothing that the cardiologist has found will keep Frank from working.

One more bridge crossed.

Here is to hoping that all of you are crossing the bridges that are in front of you – there are always people here on the other side waiting for you.

Una Stamus.

One thought on “Crossing that bridge

  1. LaDonna J


    I have a left lower leg that started turning dusky blue-black off and on. I've seen ER- before he even saw me, he decided I had raynards(?sp), family doc(x3), rhumetology, derm, podirity, neuro, 30 tubes of blood, ultrasound of the left groin, pulse doppler study on both feet, and MRI, which showed I have a blockage in the right calf but the left leg is fine, and the leg turns worse in the shower. I also get blisters on the tips of the balls on my toes of the left foot in the winter. Podirity said it looked like frost bite. (My mind is tired and not working well with spelling tonight. My energy bucket is about empty). I just keep on going....


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