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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. LaDonna Joseph

    I can understand the proud feeling you had when Frank was back in full uniform and was presented his award on the 18th. My ex-husband was military. I always felt very proud of him when he was in uniform, receiving an award in his dress uniform, or his BDU's, work uniform. Some of is men would tell me they would follow him into battle, they trusted him, that would also make me very proud. Although we are divorced, 30 years ago, and haven't talked since, his choice, I am still very proud of him, and his service. Continue to be proud of Frank, and your children, who have had to learn lessons most of us never think about, and yourself.

  2. Chris and Chelsie Hitchcock

    I read Frank's story from my phone app that includes the St. Paul Pioneer Press. My wife (Chelsie), an I are seriously considering a move to St. Paul, from Kansas City in 2018, maybe more so now!! You would be a great contact person for Chelsie and myself when we make the move. We will be up there next month (16th-20th) and would love to meet you and possibly Frank.
    Anyway, my story begins on the night of February 24th 1989 after a basketball homecoming game. There was no black ice involved, just teenage stupidity. I was seated directly behind the driver who just got his license that day, decided to make a pass on a hill. My head hit the door post and the back of the driver's seat, which I put a dent in. I had the worst injuries of the four in the car and ended up in the floor...I was 15. I, too, was airlifted to our local hospital in Springfield, MO. I saw my past almost exactly when I read about Frank's story. I was in a coma for about 3.5 months. I also had to relearn the basic skills we take for granted. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, drink, among other everyday activities. I still choke at times when I swallow wrong. My balance was awful and still is if I'm tired. My speech was slow and people often thought I was drunk...some still do. I've never been a drinker and never will. It was drilled in my head going through rehab by my psychologist how important it is not to kills brain cells and those cells will be gone forever. I'm reminded of that fateful night over 24 years ago on a daily basis from my shaky head when I eat or drink (or get tired) and my ataxic arm, all due to scaring on my brain.
    Currently, we manage rentals and Chelsie also works retail. Please let us know if we could meet up when we are there as I can tell so much more. I feel that meeting would be mutually beneficial!!
    Thanks for your time,
    Chris and Chelsie Hitchcock

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