So many friends in low places - and not in the low places like the Garth Brooks song.

Just low, feeling bad, struggling with the reality of what a brain injury has done to them, to their family or to their loved one.

Low because there are so many parts of this process that directly change who a person is, what they can do, and how they interact with the world.

Low because they see the suffering, and they often feel that there is nothing that they can do to make it better.

Low when they see the tears, the angry moments, the frustration that seems to repeat itself day after day, night after night.  Without fail, life cannot be controlled enough to make the world an easier place.

Those of us on the sidelines can only shout out the plays - we are not the ones in the game that feel as if they are playing by rules that they no longer understand.

Be conscious of how you treat yourself - how you treat others, and where your words can take you.  Words are palpable in the low world, and can do damage to everyone.  Try to find kindness, and if there cannot be kindness, step away.

Breathing space is always better than feeling defeated.

This weekend there is an event in Madelia MN to honor injured law enforcement officers from Minnesota.  I invite you to take a drive to this beautiful city and attend a banquet to honor these heroes, enjoy  a meal provided by Pub 500 from Mankato.

Minnesota Banquet to Honor and Support

Injured Law Enforcement Officers

Join MAIPO and Hunting for Heroes to honor and recognize Minnesota law enforcement officers Injured in the line of duty.

Banquet and Silent Auction

October 11th, 2014 – Doors open at 5:00 pm

The American Legion – 36 1st Street NW, Madelia, MN

Dinner, reception and HUGE silent auction

Special appearance from comedian MICHAEL MANCINI

This banquet will honor eight MN law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty.  The banquet follows a day of hunting and activities for the officers and their families.  The goal of this weekend of events for these families is to bring them together with other families of injured officers – injuries that side-line a law enforcement can be traumatic for the both the family and the officer.  We want them to remember that In This Family – No One Fights Alone.


Single ticket - $35.00

Couple ticket - $50.00

FOLLOW THIS LINK http://bit.ly/Hunt4HeroMAIOP to order tickets!

Ticket link can be found on FACEBOOK and at WWW.HUNTINGFORHEROES.ORG

Watch Facebook at MAIPO and H4H Banquet and Silent Auction for updates and information.

Minnesota Association for Injured Peace Officers

-    In this Family, No One Fights Alone


As many of you know, when life changed for me, it REALLY changed!  No longer am I working a position in which I leave each morning to work for someone else, only to return to chaos at home.  Although I miss many things about my friends and colleagues, I am grateful for the time and presence it has given me in my family's life.

I know many of you are on Facebook and have seen the page for Mackall Life Coaching and Wellness.  If you haven't seen it yet, go take a look at it - I often post about events and times that I have available to meet with people, either in person or via Skype or phone.  Life Coaching has allowed me to give back to others, and to use the skills that I learned working for almost 20 years in healthcare with families and individuals facing many challenges.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring what a life coach can do for you, I offer FREE consultations for those that just want to "kick the tires on this whole life coaching thing."  Feel free to pass along my information to those that you feel may benefit from a free visit.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  It is time for the weather to give us all a break - we certainly have earned it!