The end of the school year - one kid doesn't care, one is in tears, and one is so happy that it is over.  How do you make this group of people happy in your home with all of the different thoughts on the beginning of summer? I should say, what is supposed to be summer.  So far, it has rained and been cold most days, with today being no exception.  What a joke.  Maybe it will get warm in August?

My great plan to start running and biking with Frank has, so far, been met with a big fat zero.  Who wants to go outside when the weather is so gross?!?  I know that we are not the only ones struggling with the weather - everyone around us is also wondering when it will finally warm up, and give us the break that everyone is looking for.

With not much on our plates, and the kids now home with us, it is time to get creative with how we spend our time.  I know that extended time together can be stressful, with both Tommy and Frank needing breaks from one another at times, and coming up with fun, inexpensive outings is going to require some creativity on our part.  I know that we have started a list, and I hope that we can continue to add to it as the days go by - I know the kids keep bringing up some ideas, we just need to remember to write them down.

Personally, I hope to kick back in to some level of working out, and self care, since people keep calling me out for not taking care of myself.  Truly, I think I am in a better place now than I have been lately, and I am acutely aware that I need to do things each day that are just for me, even if they are just little things.  I bought some books (real books, not for my Nook) and I am working in meditation and some quiet time.  It does take some work though, that's for sure.

Hoping to see some sunshine soon, and I hope that all of you are giving yourself some peace as well.

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  1. Kathy LaValle

    Like you said people are getting on your back because you are not taking care of yourself. They see or hear what you are doing via your website or they are a neighbor, friend or family. What they sometimes do not always understand that you are a mom, wife , and a member of the "blue family" who takes what ever is thrown at them and deals with it regaurdless of what happens to us. We support our love ones , we wipe away the tears when they get mad because their dad wears the blue and some of the kids friends from school give them a hard time or now Franks brothers are checking up on the kids. Maybe I am wrong I guess that what I am trying to say is that you are doing these things because you are SUPER MOM & WIFE and I think that is great! Some things that are cheap and fun to do is a nail salon day for the whole family, (the boys can do clear) just everyone soaking their feet and having fun that way. Or decorating cupcakes or sugar cookies with frosting, or even baking cookies. Thanks for sharing what your family has gone thru. Hugs Kathy


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